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Dan Wilson – Publisher – BS Electrical Engineering
CSULB with experience in journalism and real estate.




Allen Wilson  – Copy Editor Allen graduated from University of California, San Francisco with a Master of Arts in Education.  While living in Cypress and Lakewood he taught journalism and English in the ABC District.  He is now retired and reports on local stories of interest.
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Matt MacDonald – Editor 

Matt grew up in Southern California and has worked in advertising sales.  He is responsible for
the web design and is a local reporter.

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Cindy Johnson Health / Science Contributor:

Cindy graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.  She has an interest in technology and medical science.


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Mike Patel, Contributor:

Mike was raised in Orange County and graduated with an Associate of Arts degree.  Mike covers local events in the southland.
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Sam Lee, Business Contributor:

Sam is a local real estate broker with a keen interest in business.
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Jerry Miller, Current Events Contributor:

Jerry is a freelance writer who covers national and state news and politics.

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Latest Topics

Los Alamitos Race Track Expansion Project

Los Alamitos Race Track Expansion Project

CYPRESS CA (FNP) – The Cypress City Council will hold a meeting Monday night to discuss improvements at the Los [Read More]

Home Builder Confidence Good in November

Home Builder Confidence Good in November

Free News Press – Despite the wrangling in Washington, Home Builder Confidence remains good in November, according to [Read More]

Deep Space Telescope to observe Comet ISON

Deep Space Telescope to observe Comet ISON

Free News Press – NASA will be using one of their telescopes designed for the study of distant galaxies to examine [Read More]

Anaheim Considers Six Seat Council

Anaheim Considers Six Seat Council

ANAHEIM Calif. (FNP) – The Anaheim City Council will be mapping four and six council districts at their future [Read More]

Coyotes Spotted in Cypress

Coyotes Spotted in Cypress

CYPRESS Calif. (FNP) The city of Cypress is warning residents that coyotes have been spotted in the urban areas of [Read More]

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